circle name : PEACH CAT
member : Cherry

All my work is written only in Japanese.
It is not writing in other languages.

My worksis not free ware.

Please do not upload my work.
Please do not copy my work.
Please do not distribute my work.

My work is sold on commission by "DLsite" and "" .
It does not sell at the other site.

(DLsiteCooperator site : (Japanese)


It demands to delete, when illegal upload is discovered.
The site to which it does not respond is notified to the organs concerned.

User Authorization.

My work needs User Authorization.
The thing copied illegally is not started.

I already canceled it.

The illustration which can be seen freely is to [Nomal CG] page and [Adult CG] page.
[Adult CG] page is for adults.
Minors are prohibition of access.

※ The author cannot speak English.
English of this site may not be exact translation.

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